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Ryan! Gosling! Fantasy! Series! #101

Admit it– you’ve indulged in more than one fantasy that features your favorite actor or actress. In our latest video, Dawn comes clean about her fantasies about Ryan Gosling. Tell us YOUR favorite fantasy about your celebrity crush, and maybe Dawn will share even more of hers!


Ryan Gosling is NOT a Second Class Citizen!

We needed to take a stand, own up to our lack of Ryan-obsession lately, and issue an apology to the man himself. Are you a Ryan Gosling fan? Tell us in the comments!


Increase Our Bust!

Measha Sings the National Anthem

What happens when you mix a divalicious opera singer with a Canadian hockey game and an excitable talent agent? You get our latest sketch!

Be honest– do YOU know all the words to the national anthem?

What I REALLY Do (as an Actress)

This is our contribution to the “What I Really Do” meme that’s been going around.


Did you get some Valentine’s Booty?

Valentine’s Day can be tough for singles. Send this video to all your single friends who might have stayed at home and ordered pizza while you were out being adored!

Valentine’s Booty – The Bustettes

Final Celebrate Your Bestie! Sketch… for now ;)

Take a look at our final (for now) installment of Celebrate Your Bestie! Amanda and Stacey have been besties their whole lives– and they’ve also been rivals for just as long.

How much competition is healthy to have in a friendship? Comment on our vid and tell us!

Cold chillin,

Increase Our Bust

Does Your Bestie Seem A Little… Off?

Learn to recognize the signs of a super creepy Bestie by watching our latest Celebrate Your Bestie sketch.

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